McDonald's Canada
Languages:Javascript, jQuery, PHP, CSS
Released:September 2013
Agency:Tribal DDB, Toronto
Creative Director:Mara Binudin
Art Director:Kara Wark
Copywriter:Jamie King
Designer:Dev Gupta
Producer:Ryan O'Hagan
Account Director:Susan Grant
Community Cultivator:Laura Muirhead
Developers:Justin Masse, Brad Carson

Grab Your Popcorn & Enjoy Our 140 Character Films

McDonald's wanted to create a campaign to reward their fans on Twitter and Facebook for their support and love, who happened to be fun-loving, social network-addicted, Likes-obsessed, narcissistic millennials.

Idea. As Warhol once stated that everyone would one day be entitled to their 15 minutes of fame, we transported this idea to the world of today and decided to give our fans 140 characters of fame.

Execution. They were able to tweet their own 140-character script using at least one of McDonald's characters, for a chance for it to be made into a super short film.

Results. We received 100 creative tweets a day and created one film a day for the length of this successful 12-day campaign.
The winner of the film festival was Fannie Lam with her "Jungle Brothers and the Ladyfries".