Google Canada
Languages:Javascript, jQuery, CSS3, AngularJS
Released:May 2014
Agency:Tribal DDB, Toronto
Developers:Justin Masse

A guide to immersive Storytelling

Google Canada needed an onbrand web solution to build a closer relationship with Canadian marketers and agencies. They had been doing individual workshops with teams, and invited CEO' during a 2013 event called 'Think Insights'. To extend their reach and drive engagement with agencies and marketers they executed a Toronto based week-long conference - Google Think Brand Week.

Simplicity in Motion

Landing Guidance

When the user lands, they are greeted with a video to introduce them to Think Brand Week. On scroll the video is shrunk down and the user is brought to the main experience of the site, however if the video is clicked the movie will take over the screen again.

Responsive Cards

When the user hovers over each action item they rise off the page and display a CTA to the user.

Cards in Transition

We wanted the user to have a seemless experience, with the interfaces chaning to the users navigation needs. That's why, when the user selects a card from the home page, we get a direct correlation from the item clicked to the new content displayed.

Navigation that just Makes Sense

Navigating through the different card levels was very important to us. We did not want users to have to back out to explore another topic and we also wanted the user to have an understanding where they were at all times. The navigation we came up with shows which of the six cards they are currently exploring, and provides additional feedback by blinking when the user changes cards. In addition the bar changes colors based on the colors assigned to each topic and it is accessible using mobile gestures and keyboard commands.

Better then a Lightbox

In the spirit of keeping the experience fluid, rather then building a lightbox when the user selected a video, we manipulated the content bringing back the idea of direct correlation.


Desktop Experience