Nice to meet you!
I'm Justin Masse.


User-friendliness, interactivity, and creativity are just a few words that describe what I do. I pride myself on working with my clients and creating the best websites Using modern approaches to web development I create custom(javascript, jQuery & CSS) UI solutions to fit your businesses objectives and your users needs.

My background in computer science gives me the ability to critically think and solve problems from a variety of angles. When combined with my design skills and passion it sets an unprecedented standard of quality.

I currently live in Toronto, Ontario and am actively seeking new clients to work with. If you're interested, feel free to drop me a line with the details at


Web Design
Drinking Coffee



A cup of coffee and a pen is the best way to start a new project. Together we analze your business and users' needs.


I try and capture the desired user experience we discussed while maintaining your company identity. You will be heavily involved using the design process to ensure quality.


After a design is approved, then development of code begins. Modern standards will be used and you will get constant updates.


The website is launched to the general public. We will launch it on your server, rent one for you or host it for you. We also offer maintenance after launch.


Adblitz JAN 2016

Watch, vote and share your favorite 2016 Super Bowl commercials!

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Mo Bro Hockey Tools SEPT 2015

Movember teamed up with Visa to create a visually stunning experience for there users allowing them to create memes, sounds and videos with NHL players promoting their mo.

Custom JavascriptMicrositeAnimationsVueJSCSS3Flat DesignNational

Where's Sportswagon JUNE 2014

A completely mobile-optimized microsite, which transformed a vehicle sell-sheet into an interactive and informative experience. The cross-country scavenger hunt allowed consumers the opportunity to virtually interact with the vehicle. It split Canada into regions, and hid a Golf Sportwagon and bonus items within each. The brand then asked visitors to explore the country and fi nd the vehicle, as well as discover its features. Users could learn more on and to sign up for a test drive.

There were more than 18,000 unique referrals to the Golf Sportwagon model page, where users could build, confi gure and price the vehicle. It also tracked 2,773 test drives during the campaign period (85% over objective and 6.7 times the national average). The referrals and test drives led to 1,190 Volkswagen vehicles sold to those who saw the campaign, leading to incremental revenue of over $26 million, which translated to a campaign ROI of 43:1.

Custom JavascriptMicrositeUser AccountsAngularJSCSS3National

Google Thinkbrand MAY 2014

Microsite for Google Canada's internal sales team and conferences. Promoting various google advertising campaigns and how they tell a story. How will you tell your story?

Custom JavascriptMicrositeAnimationsAngularJSCSS3Flat Design

Brière BLT APR 2014

In hockey, some lines are just unbeatable. At McDonald's too. Centre Daniel Brière introduces us to his favourite new wingmen: the Veteran Quarter Pounder BLT and the Rookie McBistro Chicken BLT.

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Dollar Drink Days MAY 2014

Dollar Drink Days are back! Only $1 for any size fountain drink, small or medium McCafe Iced Coffee or Dasani bottle of water.

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Steak on Demand MAR 2014

You love steak. We love steak! That's why, from February 18 - March 31, we're bringing you steak 24/7. It's pretty much Steak On Demand!

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March Coupons MAR 2014

McDonalds Canada releases coupons every quarter each year for each province providing its customers with special deals.

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Olympics 2014 JAN 2014

Bring home the gold with the ultimate Fan Pack. Enjoy 20 Chicken McNuggets, 2 Medium Fries, 2 Medium Drinks, and 2 Cookies. It's the perfect way to celebrate the games with friends and family.

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McRib 2013 OCT 2013

This time around, McRib is back with the McRib Comeback Tour and the sophomore record: So McRib. The tour is ready to slather Canadians with tangy notes.

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One Battery to Run them All OCT 2013

One battery for all your tools with the new Mastercraft 20V Collection.


140 Character Films AUGUST 2013

Sit back, relax with your favourite McDonald's meal and witness cinema at its finest. Here are our 140 Character Films as written by you!

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Gameology JUNE 2013

Find out which Mattel game is best for you. Take the Gameology by Game On! analysis now!

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Inside Syria's Civil War FEB 2013

Two years after the uprising in Syria began, As it Happens takes you on a rich journey through our archives and to the streets, mapping how a once peaceful protest movement sweeping across the Arab world turned into an intractable and deadly conflict.